Loner Gear Policy

Once you start Reenacting, you have 12 months to acquire your own Basic Uniform, you should also be prepared to provide your own blanks and 58 caliber cleaning kit. If you cannot do this, you will be bumped to the “back of the line” when Loaner Gear is issued. You then have an additional 12 months to acquire the remainder of your Basic Kit, if you are under 21 you will not be expected to own your own musket – your own bayonet is suggested. After 2 years one should be able to provide all, or the majority of their own equipment so that additional people can be brought into the hobby. Other impressions see the SNLHA.

Basic Uniform (Just like on Pvt. Dum Dum at the Old Fort)
Uniform of the Privates in the 9th US shall consist of the following:
Forage (a.k.a. Bummer) Style Cap.
Four Button Sack Coat (dark blue wool).
Sky Blue (a.k.a. Kersey) Wool Trousers.
Issue pattern or civilian pattern wool or cotton shirt of period accurate design.
Brogans or Jefferson Bootie Style Leather Footwear.
Rag or dark earth tone colored wool socks (knit type are preferred).

Basic Kit (Accouterments)
The Accouterments for the 9th US shall consist of the following:
Cartridge Box w/brass US Plate
Cap Box
Leather Belt w/brass US Plate
Period accurate metal Canteen (either “bull’s eye” or “smooth side”).
Black-tarred Haversack (with roller buckle)

The weapon and Bayonet for the 9th shall consist of the following:
The 1855 or 1861 Springfield Rifled Musket is the preferred rifle.
The 1857 Enfield (special cleaning kit) or 1863 Springfield may be used.
All other weapon types may only be used with approval of the SNLHA.

Tentage for the 9th US shall consist of the following:
The “A” frame wedge is most appropriate for all members of the 9th US.
“Dog” tents may be used by members of the 9th US.
“Campaign style” camping (no tent) may be used by members of the 9th US.
Wall tents may only be used by individuals after receiving permission from the SNLHA.

Other Equipment
Other items that a soldier in the 9th US will need to procure include:
Period Accurate Gray Wool Blanket.
Period Accurate “Gum” Blanket.
Period Accurate Eyewear (if applicable).
Period Accurate Eating Utensils.
Period Accurate Plate and Cup.
Period Accurate Personal Grooming Items.

Optional Equipment
Items that a soldier in the 9th US will find handy include:
Greatcoat (sky blue, infantry style with standing collar).
Knapsack (double-bagged, tarred variety is accurate).
Waistcoat (a.k.a. vest).
Period Accurate Drawers (a.k.a. underwear)
Black “slouch hat” for in camp or during the summer at the Fort.