~2nd Annual~

SNLHA Summer Timeline

An Invitational "Multi-Era" Living History Event

June 13-14, 2015.

Saturday 9:00 am to Noon and 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sunday 9:00 am - Noon


Event Location:

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

6375 State Hwy 159 - Blue Diamond, NV

Located on the Red Rock / Charleston Loop between the town of Bonnie Springs and Red Rock State Park. The site is adjacent to the Bonnie Springs Dude Ranch.


Event Schedule:

View Military Displays from "Ancient Rome through World War 2"
Watch mock Battle Demonstrations
Join us for Demonstrations of Civilian life "throughout the ages"
Event is Dark to the Public from Noon to 5pm Saturday


Weekend Event Costs:

$7 State Park Vehicle Admission (in state plates)

***All proceeds for vehicle admission go to the State***


For Further Information:

Southern Nevada Living History Association (snlha.org)

Jason Coffey (702) 354-6875 or email to ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Re-enactor Information:


Units, Camps, or Individuals (Hearafter refered to as "Participants") wishing to attend must be part of "Recognized and Registared" Living History Organizations around the Southwest United States. All members of these groups must have current membership cards, and contact the event Coordinator (Jason Coffey) in advance for space to setup and availability to the general demonstration grounds.

To be clear, there is NO COST to approved Participants (REENACTORS) who have contacted the Event Coordinator (Jason Coffey) individually or as a Unit/Camp prior to the event. We are very fortunate to be able to offer this.



Participants may setup as early as the Friday before at 3 pm, and take down as early as Sunday at 1 pm, and should be gone before Dark. Any earlier or later times must be cleared at least 2 weeks in advance of the event with the Event Coordinator. .


Participant displays and camps will be adjacent to the Main Public Parking area, where the Union Camp is normally at during the Civil War Event. Groups will be asked to setup in designated areas facing the parking lot, and maintain a presence during the public hours for the event listed above.



Military Vehicles are permissable and encouraged by Particpants at this event. They will be allowed free movement on the asphalt and marked dirt roads at the listed speeds - outside of the RESTRICTED area around the Visitor Center, Ranger Station, and Employee Housing. Additionally they will be allowed respectful use of the grass demonstration areas.
Interested "Sutlers" that have not been approved by the Event Coordinator (Jason Coffey), will not be allowed to setup onsite as space will not been allocated to your Sutlery. Sutler Fees will follow the standard ACWS, Inc. Sutler fee schedule.
There will be a free "Reenactor Swap Meet" for Participants "after hours" at 9 pm on Saturday behind the period camps.
Interested "Food Vendors" are directed to talk to the Event Coordinator (Jason Coffey) in advance to make arrangements to be at the event. Any unapproved Food Vendors will be fined by Nevada State Parks.


Interested "Information Booths" will be handled on a case by case basis. Please contact the Event Coordinator (Jason Coffey) in advance of the event. Any unapproved Information Booths will be fined by Nevada State Parks.



Thanks for your continued interest!