The Southern Nevada Living History Association is commited to the growth of Living History of all Time Periods from our past. We believe that History is best taught when it is brought to life, out from behind a glass case, and tactile towards you. We have a strong interest in developing "Civilian", "Military Non-Combat", and "Special Impressions" that are relative to our region or Era interpetations. In addition to working with the approriate Era Coordinator, this people interface directly with our overall Civilian Coordinator.


 The SNLHA embraces a number of Time Periods that do not have enough active people, or interest, to justify a Reenactment or Living History event of their own. To accomadate this we try to squeeze in a few Time Line Events each year, and have also added this page on our website to showcase it during the rest of the year. So any of these areas that do not fall under one of our primary Era Coordinators, will start off under the advisement of our Civilian Coordinator as well.




SNLHA Civilian Coordinator: Lisa Coffey - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As a new civilian you will want to do a few of things to move your impression forward:


1) Contact our Civilian Coordinator to find out what Eras we do, and to see how you can do something to plug into one of those to get started. You will need permission to do something outside of an established Era or a special Impression.

2) Research. Although we cannot become “them,” we find that we can get reasonably close by doing thorough research, and then reproducing our findings with the skills and tools that we have available in this modern age. 

3) Create your “persona” or “character”. To maximise your enjoyment as a non-combatant, you will need to adopt the persona of a fictional person by whom you will portray life in a different time period. This person had a past, a present, and dreams of a future, just like you, and can be as different or as similar to you as you would like that person to be. 

4) Create a costume apporiate to your persona. Use materials available at the time like wool, linen, or cotton. Do not fall into the trapings of modern materials as people will want to be able to see reasonable reproductions. You may want to pass an extra costume around a class room for instance.

5) Get actively involved in at least one program or event each month. Try to dress out at least every other month. etc.