For more information about local Living History in this Time Period please contact us at:

Our Historical Roman Reenactors portray the LEGIO VI
"Ferrata Fidelas Constans" (The Iron Legion)
  • We are a group designed to support local activities only
  • We are not able to support "out of area" membership.
  • If you do not live in Southern Nevada we can recommend one of our "sister" groups for you to join!
  • If you live in Colorado, please contact us about our sister Cohort there.
  • Our organization follows the safety rules of the "Imperial Southern Provisional Army" (ISPA)

The purpose of our organization is to serve the educational and public historical interests by presenting the life and times of the legionaries of Rome. We can arrange a program for you on Roman Military History down at the Old Las Vegas Fort. As most of us hold full time jobs during the day, we are generally unavailable to be part of a school program.

Our group generally participates in the following events: The Boulder City RennFaire, the Clark County RennFaire, the Summerlin 4th of July Parade, both Timelines at the Old Fort, the Summer Timeline at Spring Mountain Ranch, and over in California at the Old Fort MacArthur Days.

We primarily portray Late 1st, and Early 2nd century A.D. Roman Military personal. We also welcome people who are interested in portraying historical Civilians and other groups relative to the Roman period.

Since we portray every day Roman life, anyone regardless of Gender, Race or Religion is welcome to join.
As with all periods of time portrayed by Living History, we will make every effort to provide you with "Loaner Gear" during your first two years in the hobby as you evolve your own kit. To participate as a Roman Living Historian, it's recommended that you have at least the "Basic Roman kit" below.

Our organization takes the growth of this "era" very seriously. We are built on the concepts of "fun" and "safety" which go hand in hand in this hobby. In the cases both of members and equipment - we will always defer to quality over quantity. Our staff will help you get started, but you will also have to do some of your own research to learn about this period.

We will not ask for all of your spare time either, as this is a hobby. However, we will ask you to be an active participate in at least 3 local activities a year. We offer 9 mid-day Living History Programs at the Old Las Vegas Fort, and we offer 3 Parades.

Afterall, what is the purpose of investing in a hobby and not participating in it?

In addition to the above purely local events, we participate in a select set of out of town events. We attend the Summer and Fall encampments in Southern California as part of Legio VI "Vitrix", as well as the famous AD43 "LAFE" event in Arkansas with Legio VI "FFC".





Basic Roman Kit:

  1. A Tunic (linen or wool),
  2. Balteus (military belt),
  3. Roman footwear,
  4. Roman name for your persona.

Notes about your Roman Kit:

  1. All clothing must be made of either 100% wool or 100% linen (no blends). All exposed stiching must be done by hand and the thread must be a natural fiber (cotton is recommended).
  2. Leather parts of your outfit should be vegetable-tanned (no suede or chrome-tanned). Goat skin or Calf skin are o.k., as they were common in Roman times.
  3. Metal parts of your kit should be mild steel (not galvanized or stainless). Brass is a valid substitute for Bronze. As for rivets, do not use split rivets or pop rivets.
  4. Wood parts of your kit should be made of woods that were available to the Romans (ash and poplar are recommended).
  5. The legion commanders must approve your kit before you are allowed to participate in events with the legion. Please see the corresponding page at Legio XX's site for more specific guidelines for and help in making/procuring your outfit and your armor.

Reenactors who portray Roman Soldiers, will also have a few more basic elements to contend with. The first is the more detailed "kits" listed below as designed by our fellow Legion II in Colorado. Please understand that unless you have personally aquired your Basic Military Kit, there can be no discussion of you holding a military position, title, or rank. You will also have to pass a basic series of Tests of modern Saftey, and also Knowledge of the History and Tactics of the time. We are here to have fun, and bring history to life for people, not to fret over things that are an illusion for the public.


Light Marching Order or the "Basic Military Kit":


  • Sandals or leather (Caligae)
  • Tunic of either red linen or red wool (Tunica)
  • Helmet (Cassis)
  • Sword (Gladius)
  • Sheild (Scutum)

Complete Military Kit:


  • Armor (Lorica Segmentata)
  • Scarf
  • Belt (Balteus)
  • Dagger (Pugio)
  • Javelin (Pilum)


Soldier's Cold Weather Kit (recommended):


  • Cloak of wool in a dull colour (not red like in the movies)
  • Marching Pack (Rolan Mercia may be able to make you one for a few Denari)

    We recommend the following groups write-up on "Kits and Authenticity" as our rule of thumb at this time:



    And finally to contact our "sister" Reenacting Clubs:


    South Carolina: LEGIO VI "Ferrata Fidelas Constans" -

    Pacific Northwest: LEGIO VI "Ferrata Fidelas Constans" -

    Southern California:  LEGIO VI "Victrix Pia Britannica" -

    If you are interested in finding out about the Legio II in Colorado or Las Vegas please feel free to contact us for their information.


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