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You can become a member of the SNLHA by one of the following 3 methods:



1) Membership to a partnering Living History Association: the American Civil Ear Society, Inc. (, the Legion VI Historical Foundation (, the California Historical Group (, or the Foundation for Early American (, AND residence in Southern Nevada, AND additionally providing us your information including completion of a NV State Parks background check as many of our programs are done on their properties.


2) Membership to "Boy Scout Venture Crew 1855", which is part of the Boy Scouts of America in the Las Vegas Area Council.
There is no membership cost to existing Boy Scouts, just the associated fees for participating in the hobby. This group is sponsored by the SNLHA.


3) Certain exceptions are made to allow members to directly join the SNLHA by filling out one of our annual Membership form, completing a NV State Parks background check, and paying a set amount of dues.


Members List:


Col. Jason Coffey

2nd Lt. Benjamin Kruk

Sgt.Maj. Brendan Mahathey

Ord.Sgt. Jim Hinds


Marshal John Rotatori


9th US INFANTRY, COY. D (Post-War)

(American Civil War Federal Infantry 71st PVI, Coy. B)

**Pvt. Charles (Cheryl) Burton

Pvt. Larry Bilyeu (Medic)
QM.Sgt. Aaron Christensen
Pvt. Dieter (Ryan) Clayton (Chief Musician)

Pvt. Tony (Tiffany) Clayton (Fifer)
Pvt. Zachary Clayton

Capt. Jason Coffey (Union Commander)

Rec. Donovan Coleman

Pvt. Roger De Costa

Pvt. Ryan Dompier (Runner)

Pvt. Ralph Duran

Pvt. Ryan Dompier

**Pvt. Steven Fields

Pvt. William Fitchman

Rec. Mike Holton

Rec. Justen Hui

Rec. Cameron Hui

Rec. Ty Hummon (Color Sgt.)

Rec. Nathan Johnson

Pvt. Seth Kimmel (Drummer)

**Cpl. Benjamin Kruk

Pvt. "Chuck" Kruk (Company Clerk)

Pvt. Brendan Mahathey

Rec. Adam Newcomb

Pvt. William Nichols (Medic)

Rec. Terrance Lee Nolan

2nd Lt. Ted Pawlowski (Provost)
Sgt.Maj. William Prescott
Pvt. Jacob Reising (Bugler)

Pvt. John Rotatori (Scout)

Rec. Jeff Rhames

Pvt. Brian Russkauff

**Pvt. Barry Schrock

Rec. Jessie Short

Pvt.. Shane Snelling

1st Cpl. Niall St. John

Pvt. Ben Talbott

Pvt. Ken Talbott

2nd Cpl. Tom Talbott

**Pvt. Anthony Thomas

1st Sgt. Dan Tuziak

Pvt. Nicholas Weatherman

Cpl. Dean Woods (Utah Detachment)


4th TEXAS Mounted Rifles (1861-1862), Infantry (1862-1864), Company F

Pvt. Dave Beisecker (8th AL)
Sgt. Kenny Burk (Covering Sgt.)

**1st Lt. Jason Coffey (Mustering Officer)

Pvt. Jay Freeman (1st LA)

**Pvt. Jan Fretthold

Pvt. Ron Gregrich

Sgt. Benjamin Kruk (Confederate Commander)

**Pvt. Brendan Mahathey

**Pvt. William Nichols

**Cpl. Ted Pawlowski (Confederate Provost)

Pvt. Steve Prescott

**Pvt. Barry Schrock (4th TX Sutler)

**Rec. Jessie Short

Pvt. Anthony Thomas

Pvt. Ryan Ward (8th LA)


Sgt. Steve Fields (Cavalry Commander)


ARTILLERY (CS Florida & US Penn. - Battery)
Rec. Chris Bovill

Pvt. Glenn Christensen

Sgt. Don Dolan (Battery XO)

Pvt. Jacob Dolan

**Pvt. Steve Fields

Sgt. Jan Fretthold (Gun Commander)

**Pvt. William Prescott

Pvt. Jordan Rose

**Rec. Jessie Short

**Pvt. Barry Schrock

Pvt. Josh Sycine

2nd Lt. Sean Wells (Battery Commander)


CADET CORP. (Under 12)
Cadet Charles Prescott (Runner)

Cadet Gunnar Woods (Runner)



Mrs. Monica Beisecker
Ms. Cheryl Burton

Mr. Glenn Christensen

Mrs. Tiffany Clayton
Mrs. Lisa Coffey (Civilian Coordinator)

Mr. Mike Edgington

Mrs. Stacey Edgington

Mistress Corina Edgington

Master Bradley Edgington
Mrs. Caroline Eliades

Ms. Catherine Kruk

Mrs. Tara Mahathey

Miss. Ariela Nounna

Ms. Suzzane Nounna

Ms. Nancy Ticas

Mrs. Sarah Newcomb


ROMAN LEGION REENACTORS (LEGIO VI, Cohs. X - Ferrata Fidelas Constans)
Tiro Tom Adams

**Miles Kenny Burk

**Miles Aaron Christensen

**Miles Jason Coffey

Miles John Coviello

Barbarian David Gumm

**Miles Yul Hassaman (Roman XO)

**Merchant Ty Hummon

**Immunis Jim Hinds

**Saggitari Ben Kruk

**Tiro Terrance Lee Nolan

**Optio Ted Pawlowski (Roman Commander)
Signifer Charles Prescott

**Tiro William Prescott

**Cornifer Nick Weatherman



Russian 150th Rifle Division

**Cheryl Burton (Sniper)

Pvt. Bob Hoyte

Pvt. Ted Pawlowski

Sgt. John Rotatori (Russian Commander)


American 2nd Infantry Division (9th US Infantry Regiment)

**Pvt. Jason Coffey

**2Lt. Lisa Coffey (ANC)

**Pvt. Ralph Duran

**Rec. David Gumm

**Pvt. Mike Holton

T-Sgt. Jim McGeechy (Vehicle Liason)

**Pvt. John Rotatori

Pfc. Terry Sackett (Drill Instructor)

SSgt. Jeffery Stafford (American Commander)


German 98th G.J. Regiment

**Pvt. Yul Hassaman

**Pvt. Jim Hinds (Military Police)

Sgt. Ron Rashdorf (Vehicle Commander)

**Sgt. John Rotatori (German Commander)


British Long Range Desert Patrol

Pvt. Mike Morrissey

Mistress Tracey Gorin

Mrs. Heather McKenzie


Col. Ken Dacey

Sgt.Maj. Michael DeGregorio

Cpl. David Crichton

Cpl. Gary Iverson
Cpl. Randall Ozwald